Original music by Jan Lönnberg

This page contains some music composed by me. You may redistribute these tunes free of charge in unmodified form; if you intend to distribute modified versions or sell these tunes to anyone, please contact me to request permission.

Recommended player: Modplug Player/Tracker for .IT (Impulse Tracker) and .S3M (Scream Tracker 3) files, Winamp or XMMS for .OGG (Ogg Vorbis) and .MP3 (MPEG-I Layer 3) files.

Life in Purgatory
.IT (72 KB)
Straight-forward synth tune.
A Planet's Life
.IT (186 KB)
The story of a planet...
Fragmented Life
.IT (89 KB)
Piano tune with some influences from Finnish folk music.
The Meditator
.IT (255 KB)
Tribal drumming and chanting. Originally written for Amongst the Stars: Breach as theme music for a race with close ties to its tribal heritage.
Move It!
.S3M (131 KB)
Simplistic tracker techno. One of my most sample-heavy modules ever. Features actual vocals by Jan Lönnberg himself. Sort of.
Tired (Techno Remix VII)
.IT (82 KB)
Synth mix of one of my early tunes.
Death to All
.IT (604 KB)
Originally written for Amongst the Stars: Breach as theme music for a race of genocidal fanatics.
Tides of the *Juice*
.IT (232 KB)
Originally written for Amongst the Stars: Breach as theme music for an advanced dolphin-like race.
Tech City
.IT (143 KB)
A weird crossover between jazz and electronica (with elements of the Sim City 2000 background music, for some odd reason).
Metal Monster
.IT (242 KB)
Think boss music from a console shoot-'em-up.
Life in Purgatory II
.IT (168 KB)
Sequel to Life in Purgatory.
.IT (1 KB)
Short and happy chiptune. Also a great way to test compatibility in .IT players.
Ex Machina (Deimos Mix)
.IT (388 KB)
"Omega Squad to Command: negative hostiles. Looks like the slugs left in a hurry when we came in."
"Copy that, Omega Squad. Proceed to Engineering and get systems back online."
"Roger, Command... Wait a minute, what's that bubbling noise over thEEEEEAAARGH?!?"
Chippyness II
.IT (1 KB)
Short and happy chiptune.
Calypso del Sol
.IT (122 KB)
.MID (4 channel ringtone)
Happy pseudo-tropical tune.
Childplay (Calypso Mix)
.IT (154 KB)
"Tiny Little Insects Calypso Band Remix" - based on a tune by Kerstin Lönnberg.
Summer Jam
.IT (153 KB)
.MID (4 channel ringtone)
... and the band gets together just once in the summer, just for kicks. No practice, no sheet music; just jamming.
Magic of the Seven Worlds
.IT (288 KB)
Inspired by tales of a mighty nation. Written in collaboration with Kerstin Lönnberg.
.IT (1.9 MB)
Remodulated resonating waves transfer into your mind in this piece of electro.

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