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This page contains some remixes I've made of old demo and game tunes (mostly from old 8-bit stuff). You may redistribute these tunes free of charge in unmodified form; if you intend to distribute modified versions or sell these tunes to anyone, please contact me to request permission.

Recommended player: Modplug Player/Tracker for .IT (Impulse Tracker) files, Winamp or XMMS for .OGG (Ogg Vorbis) and .MP3 (MPEG-I Layer 3) files.

Original tune
Original composer
Originally written on
Remix comments
The Beginning
Jeroen Tel (Wave/Maniacs of Noise)
.IT (406 KB)
Extended remix.
Sunset Rider and Wheel Spin (from Super Hang-On)
Steve Barrett (Eggman)
.IT (98 KB)
Extended remix of two tunes from the C64 game.
ATF - Advanced Tactical Fighter
Digital Integration
.IT (224 KB)
"Synth Malfunction Mix"
Mukor Theme (from Blasteroids)
Thraddash Theme (from Star Control 2 - The Ur-Quan Masters)
Atari Games, Riku Nuottajärvi
Blasteroids arcade machine, PC
.IT (991 KB)
"Mukor vs New Alliance of Free Stars Mix" - Mukor from Blasteroids fights the New Alliance of Free Stars from Star Control 2. Voice samples from Blasteroids arcade machine.
Druid 2 - Enlightenment
David Hanlon
.IT (112 KB)
The title tune was from Enlightenment was also heavily used by the group Fairlight.
Captain Dread (from Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's Revenge)
Michael Z. Land
.IT (174 KB)
Doesn't "Captain Dread" sound like a really nice guy?
Lovely Feelings (from Rock 'n' Roll)
Ramiro Vaca?
.IT (133 KB)
Covers the Amiga version by Chris Hülsbeck. Some sources say the Amiga version is the original; apparently Vaca originally wrote the tune on the C64.
David Whittaker
Atari ST
.IT (83 KB)
This is NOT from the Taito beat-'em-up Renegade; this is the
in-game music from the 3D first person space shooter Renegade from
Sculptured Software and Mastertronic.
Ben Daglish (Benn)
.IT (103 KB)
Covers all the tunes from Krakout.
Central Park (from Last Ninja 2)
Matt Gray
.IT (150 KB)

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